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What are the Keys to Small Business Growth?

by Brock November 12, 2008
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If you are a small business owner, then you are fully aware of how important business growth is in today’s marketplace. If you are not moving forward, you are falling behind. If you are not growing, you are dying. If you are not changing, you are being leapfrogged by your competition. The first key takes […]

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Are You Listening to Your Customers?

by Brock October 23, 2008
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Can you hear the honest truth about what your customers think about your company and products? No, I am not talking about via phone, email, forums, focus groups, and surveys; I am talking about through their actions on your website. Actions speak louder than words, are more accurate, are more measurable, and can lead to […]

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How Much is a #1 Google Ranking Worth?

by Brock October 22, 2008

The following assumes you already have a website, have analytics (such as Google analytics, Hitslink, or ClickTracks) installed, and already rank somewhere on the first page of Google for a keyword phrase which converts. First, go to the Google AdWords External Keyword Tool. Enter your keyword phrase, turn off synonyms, and fire away. Next choose […]

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Why Should I Blog for Business?

by Brock October 21, 2008

There is no getting around the fact that blogging is very hard work. It can be extremely difficult to find the inspiration and the time to add one 450 – 1000 word article of unique content each and every day of the week (including weekends and holidays). You need to come up with ideas, do […]

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Can’t See the Forest for the Trees?

by Brock October 17, 2008
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Who buys your products or services; search engines or people? Obviously, search engines never buy products yet e-commerce site owners continue to create copy that mainly serves Google. The primary purpose of the pages on your website is to help, engage, and sell to your visitors. Only people buy anything. In the quest for business […]

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Color Meaning & Psychology: What’s the Best for Marketing?

by Brock September 27, 2008
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You have better things to do with your time, don’t you? I sure hope so. Either way, did the rainbow lorikeet catch your eye? I bet it did. We just can’t help being drawn in by the colors all around us. We are conditioned to notice color and it is indeed one of the first […]

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Pocket Folders: Industry Applications

by Brock September 25, 2008

Look at where America is spending its money-this is exactly where presentation folders are having their most significant impact on business growth. Right now this would be the medical, banking, and real estate industries. If you compete in any of these areas, especially the medical industry, and are not currently using pocket folders; you are […]

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Presentation Folders: Common Uses by Industry

by Brock September 24, 2008
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Packaging matters! By choosing packaging that appeals to your target audience, you can increase the perceived value of your products and services. It has also been shown that the post-purchase experience is influenced by packaging. Presentation folders are simply a form of packaging. From our discussions with customers over the years, it has become rather […]

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Pocket Folders

by Brock September 5, 2008
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Ethan and Ava run a two-person insurance agency in Des Moines, IA called Hawkeye Point Insurance Agency, LLC. They have been in business for two years and work has been steady. Originally they went into business to have more freedom and control over their lives. Unfortunately, they work nearly every night and weekend to keep […]

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